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Shared Support Maryland, Inc.
Sharing ideas and solutions
Shared Support Maryland, Inc. assists people in developing and maintaining the self-direction of their services and supports, fosters and grows community connections and relationships, and values the ambitions and goals of the people we support by joining in their pursuits and sharing in their successes.  In doing so we inspire systemic change.

  • Shared Support values its role as partners with families and friends in planning and achieving each person's lifestyle.
  • Shared Support values people's dreams and believes its role is to facilitate a path of learning, growth, problem solving and choice making.
  • Shared Support values each person's path towards a dream and accepts that everyone falls; it is its role to support the learning that can occur when mistakes are made, go back to the drawing board and begin again. 
  • Sometimes people fulfill their fondest desires. Most people, however, usually get a piece of their dream. They try, they succeed, and they fail, and revise their dream. People should decide for themselves when their dream has become unrealistic and unattainable. 
  • Shared Support Maryland, Inc. believes in supporting people in their efforts and help them build upon their dreams to make these dreams become a reality.
Shared Support Mission
Shared Support Values
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SSMD's Board Members
Shared Support Maryland, Inc is a Maryland-based, not-for-profit, small business providing completely personalized support to over 70 people with developmental disabilities. There are fewer than 70 agencies in the country that provide this new type of person-centered, customized support and service and very few of those operate in the manner in which we do. The people who choose SSMD to provide support live in their own homes, they hire & control their own support staff, hold jobs that pay a living wage, & spend their time in activities of their choosing.  
SSMD is unlike other providers in the degree of our commitment to individualization & the ways in which we carry out that commitment. Our objective is not to run the lives of people we support, but rather to support them to run their own lives. In everything we do, the intention is to support people to make decisions for themselves—to have truly self-directed lives. People we support tell us they have never accomplished so much in their lives. People’s capabilities, contributions, resources & quality of life grow as a result.

We are proud of what we have created.  When there are gaps between what we want to do & what the public systems can support, we gamely pursue (& are regularly awarded) state & private foundation grants that allow us to do what we do, stretch our boundaries, & share our person-centered values, tools, & practices with other providers.  With our help, people who many thought could not do it are now making decisions for themselves, mastering skills for life & work, & making meaningful contributions to the world around them.